1st Birthday Photoshoot Top Tips and Tricks To Make It Successful

1st Birthday Photoshoot Top Tips and Tricks To Make It Successful
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First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

1st Birthday Photoshoot Top Tips and Tricks To Make It Successful

81% of Americans own a smartphone. This means, in essence, that everybody has access to a somewhat decent camera. And while you may use that camera to take most of your photos, a first birthday photoshoot requires extra care and attention. 

A great camera is only part of a successful first birthday photoshoot for a child. You also need to know exactly what to shoot and how.

For that kind of professional equipment and expertise, you need a professional photographer. Read on to learn how a photographer makes a 1st birthday photoshoot run smoothly and magically. 

Distraction During a First Birthday Photoshoot

At age 1, your child is likely clinging to you, and that makes it difficult to get them to sit still for photos. But the first birthday photoshoot is a milestone that you’ll want to be captured perfectly.

To make a first birthday photoshoot go smoothly, a photographer knows how to distract children. They’ll have methods to keep your child focused, like giving them toys and rattles to play with.

It’s a great way to keep them busy and calm, which will reflect in the photo. Often, photographers will bring something that matches the theme of the photo, so it acts more as a prop than a distraction.

Siblings and Family

If your child isn’t staying calm for the photographer, they may suggest including their siblings and family in the photo. Being surrounded by the people they love and trust will help them feel at ease and even playful, which makes for great smiles.

If you take up that suggestion for this 1st birthday photoshoot idea, consider matching outfits or color schemes for the kids or the whole family. When you’re all matched, the photographer can place you for the perfect family photo. They’ll also be sure to take candid photos, as well as some posed shots for a good variety of options to hang on the wall later.

Let Them Be Messy

If you’re doing your first birthday photoshoot outside and they splash in a puddle, let them do it. If they’re smashing a cake, try not to cringe over every messy move they make.

Let them have fun and trust your photographer. It’ll make for a smoother experience and photos that are more authentic.

Don’t Forget the #1

Make sure that you’ll know down the road that these photos are from a 1st birthday photoshoot. Tell your photographer that this is for a first birthday photoshoot so they can prepare properly.

You might request a classic gold “1” balloon or a sign that reads “One”. You might get creative and build the number “1” from flowers or balloons. Just be sure to give your photographer a heads up if you’re bringing your own props.

Looking for More 1st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas?

A first birthday photoshoot is an important event that requires planning, preparation, and know-how. A photographer brings all of that and more to this milestone event.

For the best 1st birthday photoshoot ideas and outcomes, speak to someone with experience. Contact Karima at Vivid Photography to learn more about our individual and family photography expertise.