5 Inspirational Baby Photo Ideas and Poses

5 Inspirational Baby Photo Ideas and Poses
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Newborn Baby Photo Ideas

For the first six months of life, an infant grows about 1.5-2.5 centimeters and 5-7 ounces each month. This means that you should not hold off on getting pictures.

Professional photographs capture precious moments so you can forever remember how tiny and beautiful your baby looked.

Keep reading for 5 inspirational baby photo ideas and poses that will capture the perfect newborn baby photos.

1. Hands and Feet

5 Inspirational Baby Photo Ideas and Poses

You will spend countless moments staring in awe at the size of your child’s little hand in yours. And the perfectness of their toes will melt your heart.

You might even stare so hard that the memory of it etches into your brain, making the memory seemingly impossible to forget. But, after sleepless nights and an abundance of milestones, you will no longer remember quite how significant this felt.

Hold onto that precious memory by getting closeups of your baby’s hands and feet in their newborn photoshoot. Get each next to their prints and in your own hands. Holding the feet heels together, toes apart, in your hands, forms a heart.

2. Bare Baby

5 Inspirational Baby Photo Ideas and Poses

Nothing compares to watching your baby sleep as you look over their little body in awe. So why hide the chunks under fancy outfits?

For the picture, curl them up on a fuzzy blanket in a comfy position and capture their naked naptime. Position them with knees tucked underbelly and head on their hands. No need for extra props, as they make it cute enough. This bare baby photo can be done with them wide awake and smiling as well.

3. Baby In a Basket

5 Inspirational Baby Photo Ideas and Poses

If you really want a cute prop picture that keeps the baby sleeping peacefully, swaddle them up and stick them in a basket or any other type of unique box container and fill them with blankets. Around the outside, you can put their first teddy bear and spell their name with baby blocks.

You can also use this as an opportunity to theme it for their first holiday. For Christmas, you might swaddle them in white, lay a red blanket at the bottom of the basket, and wrap Christmas lights around it. Easter pictures may call for pastel Easter eggs in the basket with them, and maybe a live chick walking around outside of it.

4. Sweet Siblings

5 Inspirational Baby Photo Ideas and Poses

Of course, you want to capture your child’s moment with their new best friend. Depending on age, you can do this in a number of ways. 

An older sibling might hold the baby, look at them, and kiss their head as the photographer snaps shots. Capture a younger sibling laying next to the baby and holding their hand as they get to know them. And of course, why not add a parent or even both to this beautiful photo.

5. Parents’ Precious Moments

5 Inspirational Baby Photo Ideas and Poses

Every newborn photoshoot, should have a great shot of the parent(s) with the baby. Capture a picture with the baby curled on mommy’s belly, with her glancing down in amazement.

Also, capture a moment of the little child snuggled safely in daddy’s arms as he kisses their head. You might also get one with the parents’ foreheads touching, facing one another, as they look down at the precious bundle swaddled in their arms.

Book Your Newborn Baby Photoshoot

Do not wait for your newborn baby photo shoot. Kids tend to outgrow the moment in an instant.

Vivid Photography would love to capture all of your favorites memories as your family blossoms. We have so many beautiful baby photo ideas and poses to share with you.

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