Easter Baby and Family Photoshoot Ideas

Easter Baby and Family Photoshoot Ideas
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Easter Baby and Family Photoshoot Ideas

There is something so special about Easter. Whether you cherish it as a religious holiday or simply enjoy the opportunity to hunt for eggs, eat chocolate, and hang out with your family, it’s a wonderful annual tradition that is celebrated by roughly 84% of Americans.

Easter is a wonderful time to take family photos while you’re all spending time together.

Are you looking for some truly special Easter baby and family photoshoot ideas?

Let’s take a look at some ideas both for your newborns and for the whole family.

Baby Photo Ideas

Easter Baby and Family Photoshoot Ideas

If your family has welcomed a new addition recently, this is a great opportunity to capture some Easter photos to remember this precious time. Though they might not be able to participate in egg dying or easter egg hunts, they can still be a part of the Easter photoshoot.

Baby Bunny

Can you think of anything cuter than photos of your baby with a hand-knit bunny costume? Neither can we.

Easter Basket

How can you resist putting your baby in an easter basket and snapping some photos you’ll cherish forever? Line a huge basket with a soft blanket to create adorable memories.

Plastic Eggs

Plastic eggs are great props for baby photos. This is particularly true if you’re worried about them making a mess with those ornately painted egg heirlooms you cherish.

Birds Nest

Placing your baby in a beautifully crafted birds-nest style basket is a recipe for a gorgeous shot. You’ll want to make sure to line the nest with blankets so your baby’s skin isn’t scratched by the twigs.

Family Photos For Easter

Easter is a time of year when the whole family comes together. Organizing an Easter photoshoot is a great idea to capture this time of togetherness.

Coloring Eggs

Coloring eggs is a great way to spend Easter with the family. Why not use this time together as a photo shoot for your holiday photos?

Easter Picnic

As spring is in full bloom, taking Easter picnic photos can be a great way to get some great shots and enjoy time with family. Sweet, natural moments can be captured if you’ve always been wary of super-posed family photos.

Flower Crowns

Incorporating flower crowns is a lovely way to add the beauty of spring into your Easter photos. You can complement these crowns with light-colored, airy, or lacey clothing.

Flower Garden

Finding a field of flowers for your family portrait is perfect for Easter. You can scout out your local parks or gardens to find the perfect place for this year’s Easter photos.

Easter Baby and Family Photoshoot Ideas: Hiring a Professional Photographer Can Ensure That You Capture the Perfect Easter Photos

These Easter baby and family photoshoot ideas are a great jumping-off point for designing your ideal Easter photoshoot. While you can certainly take the photos yourself, it typically means that one member of your family will always be missing from the family portrait! This is why it can make a lot of sense to hire a professional photographer and set up a photoshoot to capture additional Easter photos perhaps with the same props and outfits.

Are you looking for a photographer to capture beautiful Easter photos for your baby and or family? At Vivid Photography by Karima, this is our passion so contact us today!