Holiday Family Photo Shoot Checklist, How To Prepare!

Holiday Family Photo Shoot Checklist, How To Prepare!
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Holiday Family Photo Shoot Checklist

The holidays are a festive and fun time of the year, a tradition many of us look forward to all year long, especially for those that do not see family members until the holiday season. It is also a time of the year we do not want to forget; sharing the holiday season with family and friends for years to come is very special for all. There is no better way to do this than getting the family together for the best holiday family photos.

Family photos are beautiful moments that are captured to create lasting memories; however, knowing how to prepare for your family photo session is another story! It can seem like quite a daunting task trying to get everything in order with the children, your spouse, and yourself on the day of the shoot.

What to Do to Prepare for the Big Day

Don’t worry, though! This article is here to provide you with the essential holiday family photo shoot checklist. This guide will help you be prepared to enjoy your day and have lasting fun-filled memories to look at and share with friends and family! 

Before the Shoot

Before your big day in front of the camera, you will want to handle all of the minor details that go into a great photo session. First, make sure that any essential grooming is done before the day of the session, such as the following:

  • Haircuts and Colors
  • Nail Appointments 
  • Outfit Choices

Trying to handle these things on the day of the photoshoot will only create a hectic schedule for you and your family. Next, you should brainstorm with your family on what kind of props or mementos you would like to include in the photos. 

Another critical thing to remember before the shoot is to relax! The night before the session, enjoy a family night at home and get some rest. Remember to give yourself a little extra time in the morning to prepare for the day… and don’t forget the coffee!

The Day of the Shoot 

If you have small children always wait until the last minute to dress them to avoid any accidental spills. With that being said, it is always best practice to have a backup outfit. Another key thing to remember is to bring snacks!

Studies show that being hangry is more than just a hashtag, it is a real emotion fueled by the need for food, so to keep the kids (and you) smiling, make sure to bring snacks for the shoot! Because family photo sessions are usually outside everyone must wear the right shoes. Heels can get stuck in the sand and dirt, so opting for flats or boots might be a better choice. 

Talk With Your Photographer 

You must keep open communication with your photographer before the day of the session. You will be given important information, such as venue choices, scheduling times, etc. Furthermore, this is how your photographer will get to know and understand your family. 

A professional photographer wants to connect with the family to make sure that everyone’s uniqueness shines through on the day of the shoot. Ensure that if you have any concerns or questions you chat with your photographer leading up to the holiday family photo session. 

Your Holiday Family Photo Shoot Checklist

Since the 1830s we have been entranced with capturing our lives in photographs. With this simple holiday family photo shoot checklist, you can rest assured that your memories will be captured beautifully on the day of your family photo session! 

At Vivid Photography by Karima, I am dedicated to photographing beautiful moments for families and turning them into lasting memories. Visit the site today to learn more about me and the services that I can provide for your family!