10 Ideas For Fall Maternity Photoshoots

10 Ideas For Fall Maternity Photoshoots
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Top 10 Ideas for a Fall Maternity Photoshoots

Get inspired with these 10 ideas for fall maternity photoshoots.

Are you planning a fall maternity photoshoot? If so, you’ll want to meet your professional photographer prepared with ideas and inspiration to help make sure your shots come out exactly how you want.

Whether you’re considering a nature pregnancy photoshoot, something intimate like reading baby books in your home nursery, or classic black and whites, it’s essential to start off with a vision and stick to it.

Not sure where to start? No worries! Keep reading for 10 trending and exciting ideals for fall maternity photoshoots, guaranteed to introduce your little one to the world with style and grace.

1. Colors of Fall Maternity Photoshoot

Nothing showcases the natural beauty of your growing baby bump like a backdrop of autumn leaves. The changing colors of this season add a vibrant pop for an unmistakably fall look.

2. Family Friendly Maternity Photos

Sure, you’re supposed to be the star of the show when it comes to maternity shots. But why not get the family involved? This is a perfect way to celebrate your new arrival without leaving anyone out.

3. A Message From the Mom to Be

Chalkboards, letterboards, and other written messages can add an extra layer of personality to your pictures. Whether you’re snarky, witty, a poet, or a wordsmith, you’ll be free to spell it out. 

4. Fall Maternity Shots in the Nursery

Grab a baby book, fold some onesies, or do whatever comes naturally. Your baby’s nursery is where you’ll be spending the majority of your time soon, so it’s an ideal setting for sweet maternity photography.

5. Nature Pregnancy Photoshoot

Meadows, streams, forests, and even snowfields can set incredible and natural stages for photographing your baby bump. Just remember to make your outfit pop by choosing a complementary color that contrasts the background.

6. Don’t Forget Your Fur Babies

These days, pets are just as much a part of the family as partners and children. So, more and more families are including them in their maternity photos. This works especially well if you’ve chosen your home as a backdrop.

7. Sexy Silhouettes Aren’t Just for Celebrities

If you’re hoping for a polished look, studio photographs using clever lighting can help show off your changing body. Don’t be shy – sexy profile shots aren’t just for superstars!

8. Eau Natural and Underwater

Draw a warm bath, dress up in flowing fabrics, sprinkle some flower petals, or add a splash of milk if you like. Your bathtub is a perfect place to show off your bump naturally – and it’s one of the most feminine settings on this list.

9. Fall Maternity Photo Shoots in the City

If you’re an urban mom-to-be, you can show off your modern style by selecting a background of graffiti, skyscrapers, or a well-known local landmark in your hometown. Textured backdrops like concrete and metal also work well. 

10. Beautiful Black and White Maternity Photos

Black and white photography is classic, timeless, and flattering. And, it’s a great way to show depth and dimension – perfect for highlighting that beautiful baby bump! Monochromatic portraits are also a great way to mask minor imperfections and play up the features that you want to show off. 

It’s Time to Show Off That Bump

With this list of fall maternity photoshoot ideas in hand, you’re ready to schedule stunning professional shots. And, if you’re struggling to choose just one type, relax. It’s perfectly normal to opt for both studio pictures and a nature pregnancy photoshoot, especially if you live in a stunning outdoor area.

Vivid Photography By Karima specializes in both styles, offering fall maternity photoshoots for every type of mom-to-be. Get in touch today to plan the session of your dreams, packed with custom inspiration that shows off your personal style and celebrates the newest addition to your family!