How Cute Would a Memorial Day Photo Shoot Be?

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Memorial Day Photo Shoot Ideas

Memorial Day honors the men and women who served the United States military and passed away. It also marks the beginning of the summer season that we can freely enjoy thanks to these brave souls.

Show appreciation and gratitude for our ability to enjoy our freedoms on Memorial day with a patriotic family photoshoot. It is such an important day, so why not hire a professional photographer to create the most amazing photos so you can keep this incredible day alive forever.

Below we provide you with a few great Memorial Day photoshoot ideas to speak with your photographer about.

Honor Your Fallen Soldier

If you ever lost a loved one who offered their service to the military, then bring your family to a professional photographers’ studio and make the session about them. You can do this in several ways.

For a complete family picture, a large photo of your fallen loved one can be placed on a stand with the family gathering around it and standing slightly behind. Place family members on either side of the photo, facing inward toward it and saluting your soldier.

Honoring your beloved soldier while celebrating a new addition to the family opens up the opportunity to snuggle your newborn inside their combat helmet with the boots to the side. Another sweet way to commemorate your family member is to put a young child into their oversized military uniform, showing how they will walk in their footsteps. 

Wave Flags

Honor your country in your memorial weekend shoot by waving the American flag. While you can get creative with the flag, keep respect for the flag

It may seem tempting to hold it up as a family or to wrap your little ones in it, but a flag should only wave freely unless folded for the fallen soldier.

Your flag should fly at half-mast. This signifies mourning and respect for the deceased.

If you would like a photo shoot outside of a studio visit the nearest flag pole. Have your photographer catch a family picture standing in front of the flag pole saluting the flag for our countries passed soldiers. Or, let the kids wave the hand-held flag and capture their excitement in doing so.

Dress All-American

Match the family for your photoshoot. Whether you all dress up or choose to dress down together, it will come out great if you look like you belong together.

Kids wearing blue jeans and white teeshirts, holding a baseball and bat can look classic. In the same outfit, walk outside and send them loose barefoot in the grass. Throw red pinwheels in their hands and let the photographer catch candid moments of their playfulness.

Young children wearing denim overalls while riding or pulling a wagon also capture’s the free American spirit. Letting them eat patriotic popsicles for the shoot also depicts a classic American summer.

You might also put boys in navy pants and white button-downs and girls into red, white, and blue dresses, both wearing fancy shoes. For a creative spin on a family of three, dress one in all red, one in all white, and the last in all blue. 

Nail These Memorial Day Shoot Ideas

Let your photographer know which Memorial Day shoot ideas you love. Then trust them to run with their skills and snap your perfect family photos.

Our studio is designed for comfort, creativity, and the perfect lighting. Contact Vivid Photography by Karima to book your Memorial Day photoshoot today. Our studio is located in Randolph, New Jersey in Morris County.