5 Tips: How To Get Natural Smiles in Headshot Photos

5 Tips: How To get a Natural Smiles in Headshot Photos
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Achieve Natural Smiles in Headshot Photos

We all would like to have a wonderful and contagious smile. But for those people preparing for a headshot session to land that perfect job, you may find yourself searching, “how to get natural smiles in photos?”

Let’s start by saying that a smile on a face makes one look happy, friendly, and approachable. It also can accentuate the beauty and is generally the best way to look great in any headshot photo.

But, it’s not that easy as you may think to have a fantastic, natural-looking smile.

This blog article discusses five points that will help you to achieve a fabulous and more natural smile.

1. Real Smile vs. a Fake Smile

Let’s start by explaining the difference between a natural smile and a fake smile. We all know they can look quite different. A fake smile is easy to achieve, whereas a genuine natural smile may not be so easy and may not even be totally within your control (as odd as that sounds).

The zygomaticus major, a thin strap-like muscle that joins with the fibers of the levator anguli oris and orbicularis oris, is used to move the mouth upwards and sideways to achieve smiles and laughter.

When smiling naturally, a variety of muscles go to work; but fake smiles typically only move the mouth area and do not involve the extended muscles; therefore, the muscles beyond the mouth generally do not move.

2. Natural Smile and What to Do

Because natural smiles use more muscles in your face, not just your mouth – to create a natural-looking smile, you need to activate the muscles in the top half of your face. Be sure to make your cheek muscles move upwards when smiling and check that crinkles appear around your eyes.

3. Do Not Say ‘Cheese’

When people pose for a photo, they are often instructed to say ‘cheese’ to the camera to get people to smile nicely. But, this isn’t much help in producing a natural smile. Instead, try saying words that end in ‘ah’ sounds like ‘toga’ or ‘yoga’ to elicit a more natural smile. When you practice your smile in front of a mirror or when you’re posing for a photograph – try using these words.

4. Think Happy Thoughts

It doesn’t work to try and fake a natural smile, so to get the perfect smile, you need to feel happy thoughts and emotions. Even though it may be tough always to do this in all circumstances, try and think about something or someone that makes you happy and picture that in your mind when you’re smiling. The more you practice this, the easier it will become to portray the same happy thought and produce a natural smile.

5. Ask the Photographer to Make You Laugh

Reacting to something funny is a sure way to produce a natural smile. If you know you struggle to smile naturally for photos, ask the photographer to say something funny or tell a joke to make you laugh. If that doesn’t work, you may have to tell a joke to everyone (or just yourself if you’re a bit shy). If you’re taking a selfie, try listening to a happy song or listening to someone telling a joke that makes you smile.

Are you Looking to Get Natural Smiles In Your Headshots?

Natual smiles in photos are undoubtedly better than fake smiles. They can be contagious to all those viewing them, which helps one to land the perfect job they have long been waiting for. Are you tired of your fake smile in photos? Do your family members keep telling you to smile better? Sounds familiar, right?

Karima at Vivid Photography would love to help you achieve the perfect natural smile during your headshot photoshoot. Let’s get that interview with an eye-catching headshot then you will be on your way to landing the job.

Achieving natural smiles in photos is our specialty! Contact Vivid Photography by Karima today to schedule your headshot photo session.