5 Lovely Newborn Twin Photography Ideas

5 Lovely Newborn Twin Photography Ideas
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Newborn Twin Photography Ideas

Did you know that there are only 120,000 sets of twins born in the United States each year? It’s true, so if you are one of the lucky new parents of baby twins, you will want to make every moment count, starting with your own baby twin photos! 

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with this guide for the 5 best newborn twin photography ideas. Our guide will help you get the most out of your twin newborn photos so you can capture lasting memories for years to come. 

Let’s take a look! 

1. Sibling Photography 

Having twins is such a special experience. When you include older sisters and brothers into the twin newborn photos, it helps capture the love between the siblings. If they are old enough to hold the twins safely, then consider capturing some shots of older siblings holding the babies. 

Remember, new babies often mean there could be some jealousy among siblings, which is totally normal! So to help keep the photoshoot light and happy, make sure that you bring lots of snacks and toys for the older siblings and give them a little extra love to squeeze out those happy smiles! 

2. Mom and Dad Baby Twin Photos 

For these photos, you will want to get some with just Mom and the babies and some with just Dad and the babies and both parents with the twins. Some timeless poses include one parent holding both twins in their arms as they sleep or a baby in each parent’s arms. 

Cradling the twins in your hands is another great newborn twin photography pose. For this pose, consider having your photographer edit the color to black and white or sepia for a timeless effect. 

3. Just the Twins 

From 18 weeks on, twins spend up to 30% of their time in the womb actively seeking a touch from the other twin. The bond between twins is incredible, and with the right poses, you can capture that bond effortlessly. There are many props that can be used to help create unique and adorable moments between the twins as well. 

The basket pose is a classic pose that involves nestling the twins comfortably together inside of a basket. You can add other smaller props like a favorite stuffed animal or warm blanket to accent the picture. Having the twins posed one on top of the other is another classic pose that can be customized with other props like blankets or cute clothing. Talk to your photographer about what options they think will best suit the pictures. 

Newborn Twin Photography Ideas 

These newborn twin photography ideas are just the beginning! There are endless styles, poses, and more that you can utilize to create the perfect twin newborn photos. The first step is to find an expert photographer! 

That is where we can help. At Vivid Photography by Karima, your special moments are captured and crafted into stunning photography that shines. So, if you are ready to book your one-of-a-kind twin photography, then contact us today!