Looking For a Job? Professional Headshots vs. Cell Phone

Looking For a Job? Professional Headshots vs. Cell Phone
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Professional Headshots

Headshots can make or break your career before you even get started. When you want to show your best self, a smartphone and a few generic filters will not accomplish this. If you invest in professional headshots to showcase who you are, you make it clear to anyone that receives your headshot that you take yourself seriously. A good headshot will make you look great, show your personality and style, and give agencies and companies a first glimpse at the person that you are.

Make a Good First Impression

A professional headshot is your first chance to make a strong impression when it comes to your career. With the lighting perfect and your face correctly framed, your presence is going to be professional. This is your chance to make an excellent first impression, and a headshot done by a professional photographer is the best way to achieve this.

Show Your Personality

Agencies and companies value a candidate’s personality highly. This can make or break your opportunity for the job of your dreams. So let your personality shine. Talk with the photographer about the best ways to show your personality in your headshot image. A great photographer will listen to your story, learn about you, and create the perfect headshot.

Branding Matters for Marketing

Marketing yourself is important, and this is done through careful branding. Agencies want a clear, professional headshot, that shows your assets without distractions. Your headshot becomes part of your brand and allows you to build your marketing based on the image created. Whether you want to look strong and powerful, or you are going for whimsical and fun, your branding will be reflected in your headshot that is created for you.

Keep Updated

If you are signing up with an agency and using a headshot, the image should be less than a year old. Anything taken more than a year ago may no longer reflect who you are or what you are about. If your headshot is old, it’s time to visit a professional photographer for a new set. It will be well worth the investment.

Infuse Confidence

While agencies and companies are sifting through a pile of headshots, make yours stand out. A professional photo will infuse confidence that they will take notice of. Where there is a lot of competition, your headshots can make the difference between getting a call or being overlooked.

Make a Difference with Professional Headshots

Professional headshots will make a difference when it comes to trying to find work. These headshots will give you an edge and professionally present your personality.

Agencies and companies are looking for recent headshots that don’t distract and have character to them.

Well photographed headshots are worth the investment and show the world that you take yourself seriously as a professional.

Get a Professional Headshot Today

Vivid Photography by Karima is your professional headshot photographer. Karima specializes in professional headshots. Her passion and expertise will provide you with the best photos that are sure to stand out. Get in touch for a consultation today.