Spring Portrait and Photography Ideas & Tips

Spring Portrait and Photography Ideas & Tips
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Spring Portrait Photography

mild spring forecast for New Jersey and its surroundings in 2021 means the season is blossoming for spring portrait photography.

The trees are a soft green with new foliage. Fawns and fledgling songbirds are gamboling in the forest. You can finally ditch the winter coat.

Ready to capture your family embracing the joy of spring on film? Below, we outline five pretty-in-pink spring photography ideas.

Spring Portrait and Photography Ideas & Tips

Find Some Flowers

Spring flower scenes are made for moms-to-be. If someone is lucky enough to be expecting during this flourishing season, make the most of the opportunity. Set up a maternity shoot against a backdrop of soft pink cherry blossoms or create a wreath of fresh-picked flowers for her to wear.

Embrace, too, the colorful blooms at this time of year. Visit a tulip field when the sun is shining and use it as a dynamic backdrop for spring portrait photography poses. Make the most of the vivid hues with techniques like bokeh or a polarizer filter.

Spring Photography Tips: April Showers

Sure, spring can present photographers with some challenging, ever-changing weather conditions. But as they say, when you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Turn those April Showers and May Rains into an opportunity for beautiful, unique shots. 

Dress kids in bright rain boots and matching rain jackets and get them to splash in some puddles. Give the whole family an oversized golf umbrella to shelter under together. Or mimic a classic kiss in the rain scene from a favorite rom-com.

If you’re enthusiastic about the spring photography inspiration, a rainy day brings a good photographer, whoever your photographing will be, too.

Get up With the Sun

Are you an early riser? There’s no better time of the year than spring to get up with the bird song. The energy of the day is just beginning to stir, and you can use this to add a feeling of vitality and new beginnings to your spring portrait photography locations.

Make the most of that gorgeous golden hour light. Shoot people with verdant green foliage lit up by the sun’s first rays. Ask a family to wear clothing in matching peach, light greens, or soft yellows to match the palette painted by the dawn.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

When spring arrives, the farmer’s markets open their gates to the public once again. These bustling countryside bazaars make great backdrops for everything from family photography to spring portrait photography ideas. 

Stallholder tables are laden with baskets of berries, multicolored free-range eggs, bouquets of fresh-picked herbs and flowers, and creative Easter candy. If you’re doing a family shoot, set up a picnic scene full of local produce and the market as a backdrop.

No spring photography shoot for kids is complete without a few baby animals. A farmer’s market is the perfect place to snag some adorable children’s shots with fluffy ducklings, chirpy chicks, or, if you’re lucky, maybe even a cute little lamb!

Spring Portrait Photography: Keep It Light

No matter where you decide to take your spring portrait photography, either in the studio or outdoors, keep the shoot full of frivolity. No one wants to see somber faces in the springtime! Make the most of the energy of new beginnings, and highlight seasonal holidays like Easter, May Day, or even spring break.

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