St. Patrick’s Day Photoshoot Ideas For Babies

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Take a look at These St. Patrick’s Day Photoshoot Ideas For Inspiration

Is it one of your baby’s first St. Patrick’s Days? Everyone loves dressing up their young ones for every holiday, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. Why not get some cute baby photos of your child on this fun green day?

Whether you’re just posting your photos on social media or you include them in a family newsletter, we have a few St. Patrick’s Day photoshoot ideas that are sure to produce the cutest results. 

Keep reading for some of our favorites.

The Pot of Gold

This is a favorite set-up for many moms who have babies who have just reached the “sitting up” phase. Children at this age generally sit still because they may not be able to crawl yet, so they become natural photo posers!

Your baby can sit in a pot surrounded by gold coins. Babies naturally grab onto what’s near them, so they may hold the edge of the pot to pull themselves up, or they may even grab onto the coins (make sure they do not put them in their mouth). Either way, this makes for an adorable photo opportunity. And since it is St. Patrick’s day, add a bit of green and you are all set.

If your baby isn’t the type to sit still in an enclosed space, no problem. Dress them up in your favorite rainbow gear and sit them alongside the pot of gold. If they can’t be the pot of gold, they can be the rainbow that leads to it! Again, add a touch of extra green to celebrate the day.

A Sweet Leprechaun 

Babies are the perfect size for leprechauns. Regardless of the gender of your baby, dress them up in their fanciest green clothes and a sweet hat and they’ll make the cutest St. Patrick’s Day mascot. 

This is great for babies of all ages. Toddlers and babies who can sit up can interact with the props around them, and newborns look sweet as sleepy leprechauns.  

Babies in Green

Not up for the leprechaun look? No problem. Green is the “official” color of St. Patrick’s Day festivities, so dress your child in your favorite green onesie or outfit and send them to their photoshoot!

With a cute springtime setting and the right props, there will be no doubt that your baby is there for a St. Patrick’s day photo. 

The Lucky Four-Leaf Clover 

Why not give your baby a bit of luck this season? There’s nothing that says “St. Patrick’s Day” louder than four-leaf clovers. 

There are several ways that you can go about this. A baby in a field of four-leaf clovers (or a set that mimics that) gives a great “natural” look. You can also encourage your baby to hold a four-leaf clover if they’re old enough or rest them on a four-leaf clover pillow if they’re still too small.

Make sure they’re wearing the proper four-leaf clover clothing to get the full effect. 

We Love These St. Patrick’s Day Photoshoot Ideas

Which of these St Patrick’s Day photoshoot ideas is your favorite? Whether you pick one or mix and match, your springtime baby photoshoot is sure to impress your friends and family. Get your baby in the holiday spirit and get some cute photos taken today.

Are you looking for a professional photographer to make your ideas come to life? Contact Vivid Photography by Karima. We can’t wait to meet you and your baby.